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Re-born  re-emerge  transition  butterfly re-naming

Are you transgender or non binary? Have you made a change to your name, gender identity or pronouns?

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Whether it's a new you, or a you that has been waiting to emerge like a butterfly in its cocoon. You will shine and soar in all your beauty, and you will be celebrated in every way.


Whether its an excuse to party, an opportunity to explain to family and friends, or a marking point of a new journey...

Lisa can create a ceremony that suits your dreams and desires. 

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Some family members and friends may have found your transition difficult to adjust to. We can create a ceremony that enables you to tell everyone exactly who you are, what you want to be known as, what your values are, what your likes and dislikes are and basically just celebrate every single thing that makes you, YOU!

Because lets face it. You are fabulous in every way.

Time for empowerment

We can include readings, songs, music, and a ceremonial welcoming into the world.

A ceremonial blessing may include a nature crowning as we name you, a certificate giving and signing, or could include every member of  the party to bless you with a symbolic garland to show their love and inclusion of you into the family and friendship group.

Each member of the party can share something they personally love and adore about who you are.

There really are so many ways that we can let you shine on your incredibly poignant and special day.

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Lets  celebrate YOU!

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