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You are in control.
You are able to make the choices you want for your loved one.

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Whether you are organising your own funeral or going through a funeral director, the decisions you make are yours.

I will meet with the family and friends of the deceased to create a unique and personal cremation, burial or memorial ceremony that celebrates their life.

of life

When I get to know the families I work with, I hold them in my heart. The meaning behind the words of the ceremony become so much more.

I love creating individual bespoke ceremonies, and I find great joy in learning about each unique individual who has passed and being able to create a send off they would have wanted and deserved.


Loss and grief

Death can be a very scary reality to face, and organising a funeral can feel like a daunting and monumental task.

I will be there with you, through the emotional journey of losing a loved one. I will be there to listen and be at your side as you tell me about the person you have lost.

Together, we create a ceremony that best represents the wants and needs of your loved one. We shall grieve together, say goodbye together and celebrate the life that they had.







Loss is painful. I will guide you through that grief.

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I will weave your memories and anecdotes into a eulogy that best describes your loved one.

I personally have experienced great loss and through that experience I can guide your way through the fog. I want to give your loved one the send off they deserve and would have wanted.


I want to take you through that grieving process and together say goodbye in a trusting, loving and peaceful environment.


I always think that however hard it is to lose a loved one, it is still incredibly important to celebrate that precious life that is no more.

Helpful Websites for when you are faced with death.


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